Friday, December 29, 2006


We've got a game against UC Davis on the 6th. If Scrum by the Sea showed anything it's the strength and size of the Davis program. Our rookies haven't practiced all break. This'll be interesting.

On a game dev note I've been tooling around with flash and ideas involving my sneak psychological adventure game. Fun stuff....hope to update significantly soon.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

So it's winter break...

I'm getting reports of our rookies making various efforts to stay in shape, which is good news. I'm not so confident in the dedication of our vets. On Jan 13-14th we may go up to Stanford to watch the women's club tournament going on there. My old teammates from Belmont Shore will be playing a full match against the Berkeley All Blues and I might just bring my cleats in case they need a reserve hooker (not very likely considering 1/2 of their team consists of converted hookers) but meh. Back to our rookies, our fullback/flyhalf in training who was going to transfer has ended up staying so that's good news. Amara and Vanessa will be back this quarter which can only spell good news for the team. Anyhoo I guess that's it on the rugby front. Oh and some of our rookies were rattled by the 3.7 that hit Berkeley yesterday so I got to dish out a few calls.

On a gaming note Knytt is an awesome. I'm also reading some console gaming history. The Wii makes so much more sense now. Also. Thinking about the ramifications of genocide in RPGs and such.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Testing Shit

So I was playing around with a basic technique in Photoshop which I never use because I'm a Dreamweaver whore. Incidentally as I'm typing this I'm adding things to my Firefox dictionary with a simple right click. It's pretty swift. Ok time to test images.....

*EDIT** So er I forgot to mention that these are for the slugsite I was working on. Needed to spiff up the images a bit and this tech took fifty seconds to do. So cool shit. I'm plugging in my scanner right now so hopefully I'll add crappy doodles from school.

Friday, December 15, 2006

It is cold!

It is soooo cold! It is so cold! So cold. Ok it could be that it's a laundry day and I'm in boxers, socks and a beater + as many blankets as I could find and I'm typing with the window open in an uninsulated garage. So yea I'm bitching and writing a very important letter. I miss my girl and there are a bunch of stupid drunk punk kids carousing around my alleyway. *grumble* The Ospreys are my team going into the H-cup and I just watched the scarlets game against ulster. Neil Best is friggin good isn't he....sheesh.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

So no sketches as of yet...

as I am still stuck behind the redwood curtain...but as soon as I get home I'll put my scanner to good use and put some of my shitty shitty mcshitterson sketches up. Yes I'm serious...I haven't drawn outside of my in-class doodles for about two years now.

On another note....I love the internet. Interplay may make a fallout mmo. woot.

Before I time I was driving my rookie back to campus after some studying and we picked up some hitchhikers...9 to be exact. I own a four door acura rookie was in the back seat. I had NINE PEOPLE in the backseat of my car. The best part? They were all stoned out of their minds! I'm halfway up the hill and I hear a sparking sound and flecks of light in my rearview mirror. Before I can start scolding them I notice that the girl who is trying to light a joint is upside down stomach pressed against the roof and smushed between three guys. So I throw 'em a bone and leave 'em alone.


I like hitchhikers.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

MMO problemo

So...I dunno...reading the whole bioware debate and while I haven't finished reading the comments it kinda came to me that you could have players playing both sides, good evil and in between. Warlords would naturally arise with those Cheetos eating obsessed elites and the casual gamer could be pawns in these wars. Good would fight evil naturally and thieves would exploit any diversion of their attention. Obtaining rank would give you the ability to command and use pooled resources, poor leadership would result in revolts etc. There would be good and evil bases, strongholds and castles to be conquered. Quests could actually be meaningful, like killing out a scout brigade spotted in a certain area. People would say casual gamers wouldn't touch the game but I think they still would, they just wouldn't be getting the full exp and I think that's what would motivate them to move up from armchair gaming to full fledged mountain dew chugging glory. meh. random.

On a side note...I hate fucking redundant battles. Watching Lenny play for 3 hours straight fighting the same damn things that she fought for 5 hours yesterday made me want to cry. Also...I don't support genocide. WTF is with RPGs? I guess I never really noticed it before. But seriously I love how saving the planet involves killing every fucking thing in sight...

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Eureka! [non-rugby related blog]

So I sat in a puddle of water and cat food with four cats crapping in a litter box by my feet for 7 1/2 hours to visit my rookie over winter break. What can I say...I'm a good vet. Anyhoo I've thus far determined that Norcal kids are odd people. True norcal kids think that driving through trees and rockslides are normal occurrences. Yessssss my precious odd children that is completely logical to have freeways without traffic. Anyhoo on a gaming note I'm watching the kid play FFXII and I'm simultaneously impressed and depressed. Impressed on the improvement of the battles from static off map occurrences to dynamic world organic ecologies(ready for you to slaughter). Or more so then normal. What am I disappointed in? The potential to be a mature open ended non-linear game with powerful narrative possibilities that are wasted in favor of making their perfect peroxide blondes more shiny.

Project Kanpur Returns damnit! I'll elaborate more on said project when I'm not starving my balls off.