Friday, August 31, 2007

It looks a little rough

but here's the website my asst. coach put together UCSC WRFC. What else...well I have seven hours to write two papers for my legal studies final...of course I haven't started. ARGH. Anyhoo, we're going down to SLO as a group of whores. Tri-tip 7s should be sick, hopefully we can convince the coaches to sign us up for stanford 10s 'cause 10s are a nifty way to transition from 7s to 15s. What else...mental strength/fitness are my goals, and upkeep of my skill set. I'm going to be in shape for pelicans damnit. Ok I guess that's it

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Berkeley 10s = amazing

Where the frick else can you hop onto a pitch and mix with some of the nicest and most ridiculously skilled players for a nice fun match? It was pretty frickin brilliant, well run, and low key. I was running in slow motion though, and it was the first game where I didn't make a single tackle. Yeahhhhhh yeahhhh ok total inspiration to do this thing called shape. I'm actually worse off then last year, which is atrocious in unto itself. Well, my scrum half wants to practice with me and yea more on it later but I have to go to work!