Friday, February 29, 2008

Passing updates to Pac Coast Regionals

I know I'm ripping straight from Theresa Champagne but's important news

1)DI vs DII relegation/promotional match is on March 15 at the DII location with winner choosing where they want to go (so far it looks like Univ. of Nevada Reno (UNR) will be the DI team in the match 0-3 with a lower point differential then Humboldt)

2)THE VERY NEXT the pelicans camp in Davis...greeeeaaaaat. That's going to be brutal. Griff (stanford's head coach, duh) with Brett Amos (our backs coach) and Ryan Luis (St. Mary's head coach) as assistant coaches. (I'll probably try and go and suck...mostly because I'm not quite up to scratch and am still recovering from stupid stupid hamstring)

3)on the same day, March 16th there is the DII scheduling meeting in Davis or sac (what is with early march!?)

4) DII regionals is set for April 4, 5, 6, in the Pac Northwest.....really??? ehhhhh that sucks..oh well

5)the URFU has appealed to enter the regional playoff competition and they have a good chance of winning the appeal (they did some restructuring so the #1 seed is prepared and expecting to travel...unlike the last THREE years *grumble* so PNRFU gets gipped a seed (ie #2 seed in PNRFU won't go. Which might or might not mean Western Oregon is out

It's the big game against sac this weekend. I am SO stressed about school

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Our match was postponed against Sac State...

it rained, their fields are closed, our fields are closed. And we're all very bummed together. Yea so slight updates, last weekend Stanford kicked Chico and Sac State played St. Mary's in a very close match. It was fierce and fast rugby with the first half seeing the Gaels ahead by the second it was try for try before sac tied it with a try on the last play of the game and their flyhalf made the conversion to take the win. Yup.

From Goff

1 Norwich (1) 15-0
2 Shippensburg (2) 11-1
3 UNH (3) 7-2
4 UC Santa Cruz (5) 4-2 (???) 20-0 over Santa Clara
5 Minnesota-Duluth (4) 12-2
6 Brockport (6) 7-1
7 UW-Milwaukee (8) 15-1
8 Bowling Green (9) 10-2
9 Grand Valley St. (10) 6-5
10 Texas Tech (16) 5-4 34-5 over University of Texas
11 Siena (11) 6-1
12 Wane St. Neb. (12) 6-0 Season opens this weekend
13 Colorado State (13) 3-1 Season opens this weekend
14 Coll. of Charleston (Unr.) 3-0 49-0 over South Florida
15 Georgetown (14) 5-2
16 Slippery Rock (15) 4-1
17 Sacramento S. (Unr) 4-1 19-17 over St. Mary's
18 Rutgers (17) 5-3
19 Mary Wash. (18) 8-4-1 34-5 over Maryland
20 Oklahoma (19) 4-2

What else...Western Oregon lost to CW (edit...they didn't go to the Stanford Invitational...sorry..that was western washington who had a flanker? that won forward MVP of the tournament )

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Rugby Updates in DII Norcal Rugby

1) San Jose State Dropped out of league for this season which is a major bummer because they've traditionally been a very strong team (placing third in the nation back in 2000, and making Elite 8s in 2002). Kinda odd because it seemed like they had more the sufficient players last year. But such is league, Santa Clara is playing this year and San Jose is out

2)Pictures!!! Weeeee of the UCSC WRFC vs Santa Clara WRFC match...actually we've had these for a while and I've just been too lazy with midterms to post them

Lots of pics of backs play

Skipping through traffic

Santa Clara was always coming up hard on defense

But sometimes wingers just have their day (Kelly McMahon by the way)

SACRAMENTO STATE women 46 – Santa Clara 10 Referee: Rob Hendrickson
Referee Coach: Sam Reagle

Saturday morning at Sac State was a great venue and time for the spirited game between Sac State women and Santa Clara, who unlike the referee, drove up the night before. Sac State scored first and in the first minute, followed with dominating possession and break-aways for the rest of the half. Santa Clara found itself needing to commit too many players to the tackle in the first half, and Sac State led by 27 - 0 at the end of the first half. Santa Clara came back to play to a much closer 19 - 10 second half.
Well this will make things interesting...

4) I totally misspoke in a previous post, we don't have a game for another week and it'll be against sac state not st. mary's

5) Yup, Humboldt State held pretty close to Davis losing by a single point. Davis came away 7-6. Interesting how Slug Fest kinda set this one up way back in fall

6) GAAAAAH! Will someone tell USA rugby to frickin stop using frames on their websites? NO ONE USES FRAMES....ugh. So ugly and useless and frustrating.

7) there's a note up on pelicanrefs that a ton of clubs need to respond to keep in contact with them

ok that's it...back to midterms....the six nations has been pretty ugly but so much looser then the world cup play (thank god I got tired of sleeping through matches) Kelly White (of Belmont Shore) is going to HK 7s with the rest of the Eagle squad and they're looking for donations...I just don't have 500 bucks to support

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

9 days no post

And this one isn't very interesting. Rugby rugby rugby rugby. There. Good. Now back to miderms

Sunday, February 03, 2008

UCSC WRFC vs Santa Clara WRFC

We won the match 20-0 against a very solid team. We scored four tries in the first half and were held scoreless in the second. I definitely wish I could have been in this one but I've decided (or rather my leg decided) to sit out another week (it's two weeks till the next game). Santa Clara's acting scrum-half did a good job interfering with our nine and they had a very physical squad that had a number of great punching runs. Our squad improved on sticking their tackles, mauling off lineouts, and...that's about it. Our offense should have been tighter in the second half...but our field was in no state for sharp backs play and the wet weather and staunch defense from Santa Clara kept us out of the 2nd half score sheet. Yea...I really wanted to play damnit!

Our next match is against St. Mary's and Santa Clara's next match is Sac State...I'll try and remember to post the other scores in our league and yea I can actually post pictures because unlike the chaivis game...someone actually took some!