Saturday, September 11, 2010

My Heart says Yes

...but my body and my brain say no. So I'm taking a rugby sabbatical (1 year at most). My body needs a break from the grind...I keep re-injuring myself and I really should get physical therapy on my hip. Career-wise I need to get shit done. Find myself and rate myself, I'm going to immerse myself in as much into film studies as I can and see if I like it while working my way through a practice run of the admissions process.

Now try as I might to extract rugby from my life (at least temporarily), it has become almost as bad of a distraction as being an active participant. I've had SIX fucking nightmares about I'll concede...I'm an addict...a nut. Of course I've got to stay involved somehow.

I'm taking the level one officiating course this fall and I'm stoked about joining the flock of fantabulous referees in the norcal ref society. It's going to be an interesting pursuit for sure and if I'm still in the Bay during the spring I'll once again help coach my high school kids.

Of course I miss playing, every single goddamn bone in my body is screaming at me to put on my cleats and get back on the pitch, to not quit, to not disappoint my team. Loyalty, integrity, honor. @(*#*&@(#(*@ But then I have to step back and be an adult. I must concentrate on figuring out and achieving my career goals and academic ambitions.

So how does this apply to you dear reader? Well since I don't get to have my daily dose of tackling, rucking, and mauling I'll spare a little time on the side to keep tabs on my fave little region of women's rugby (not to mention satisfy my rugby hives).

In brief here are some things that happened:
The Eagles placed fifth in the world cup, the cool thing is that it got a lot more coverage then the last world cup. More about this later
Berkeley U19 didn't win a game all season
UC Santa Cruz lost in the semifinals
One of the UCSC players made the USA U20s squad and we had a rep in grizzlies
the Sacramento Amazons (senior side) did pretty well at Palo Alto 7s
UC Santa Cruz moved up to D1 this year...wooot!
SFog lost to Norcal Triple Threat for their first league game, they played the Seattle breakers this weekend, not sure who won
ABs beat the Twin City Zons this weekend for their first WPL game of the season

And here is a lovely video from Brown's Women's rugby team:

Two Words from Ploipailin Flynn on Vimeo.

It's good to be back and it'll be even better when I'm back on the pitch!