Tuesday, June 26, 2007

More rugby on the 7th!?

palo alto 7s site
Man I need to hydrate! I'm leaving for Turkey tmorrow and I just found out that if I drive up on the 6th I can make it to the qualifying day of 7s... I guess all the quality competition will be out then...man o man I'm going to bring my World Cup player cards to get a few signed! I know it's dorky but hey I'm totally a rugby geek, not just a player. What else....oh I think I figured out a way that I could go the the Alex Williams camp...I'll just have to leave early (bummer) or find a way to get back in 2 1/2 hours in rush hour traffic(impossible). Hehe...if anyone has any suggestions please tell me but I think it takes 2 hours to get from SF to Santa Cruz without traffic so maybe my hopes are just stuffed.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Well that was a clean sweep....

of losses =] And it was fun damnit! We played with Naima from Chico and Suzzanne from Cal and a few girls from BASH. It was definitely a fun but casual tournament for the women, with our only competition being an amalgam of San Jose players (mostly alum?) and a Cal/All Blues mash-up. Oh..I should mention that our jerseys were the awful margarine colored shirts we made for regional playoffs...oh ad the only sizes left were youth medium and small! Needless to say it was like running around in a corset for my fat ass. Nearly beat cal/berkeley the first game, lost to san jose, then lost to cal/berkeley again. Ran into Petrie at the tournament but I don't think she recognized me. She did set up contact with Amara for some sort of whores match with a few teams including Belmont Shore! Well anyhoo that'll be a hoot. We learned a lot in our games and it's always a bit of a switch up avoiding contact and all that. We ran in a good number of tries but our defense was pretty sluggish. I scored a try which was fun, and made my own conversion (to the chagrin of anyone watching). Weather was pretty nice too
Oh and there was this article. Palo Alto ArticleA local news class was out filming and did a number of interviews with various women's teams...I wonder if the footage will surface on the net. Ykno if it does I'm on it.

Well it's been nice chatting about rugby again (especially now that I know my grades: B+, B+, B+, A-!!!) Ha! Well I'll be off in Turkey so I won't really be able to blog so peace out yeh

Friday, June 22, 2007

7s season start!

Yea so we still don't have wireless.....but we're going to Palo Alto sevens! Woot! Uh I think we'll have seven people. So Amara made the Eagle pool and Naima made the Eagle team...so woot (u23) and Kathy Flores gave props to the U23 all stars.


I died at practice...and I'll die tmorrow.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

sorry I've been away

but our new place lacks internet access...it might be a while...sit tight though yeh? I'll post again this week with rugby news

Friday, June 08, 2007

SF Camp open for registration!

Williams Rugby Camp

So register now! And make your friends do it too!

What else, the Reddick sisters are off to Minnesota with the U-23 Grizzlies to frickin kick some ass.

Mmm what else...I dunno I have a paper due in person in one minute and I'm still doing this instead of my paper. I start work tomorrow. Meh.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Results of the Teddington Game....like a week late

So it's basically finals week and I'm trying to make up 35 pages of bull and finish off my grades...so yea a definite lack of rugby news.

But from last week, we played a lovely English side and had a blast. That was honestly the funnest game of rugby I've played in all year. We had a few classy whores on our side and it made for a fun match against a club with plenty of experience but a tad of a handycap (they had a couple decades on us)! It was just good clean fun, no worries, and I made a sick breakaway and beat a few backs for a good 30m before passing it off(not bad considering I haven't run in a month.../all year). I'll post pics next time but their waterboy was awesome!

So I just need to turn in my damn papers (and write them) and I'll be fine...*sigh* 7 more days to not fuck up..

So what ruggers are going to pride!?