Sunday, February 28, 2010

No such thing as too much rugby

...unless you're my housemate and you have to deal with the smell of my muddy laundry pile just sitting there because quite literally I don't have the time to do it. I mean I'm sure I'll find time to do it eventually.

So quick summary. All Blues played the SF Fog we won handily (a game of quarters and rolling subs) but conceded a score early in the first quarter. In the last quarter the All Blues were forced to defend their try line for the majority of the last twenty but kept the fog clear. The All Blues got to blood a lot of their new young talent (a trio of U23 grizzlies entered the fray of club rugby) and some older campaigners re-entering the fight. I myself am bummed that I missed out due to a sprained ankle and foot that I acquired at the start of Thursday practice. Two weeks off no problem, hopefully I can talk my way into a lighter duty job so I don't have to clomp around on it all day at work but I have an AMAZING sports doc so email me if you're looking for one in the bay area. I'm missing the Champagne Classic as well and its a good thing too cause I wouldn't be able to play now so woohoo for saving money and boo for medical bills. I WAS going to buy new cleats and I probably still will.

The Berkeley Vigorous Gold Stars Berkeley U19 Girls Rugby team (yes that's their name) toughed out an impressive match against the Humboldt U19 team. The score was about 25-0 against us but the Gold Stars still defended with all their heart despite playing l3 vs 15 80% of the match. Unfortunately in the last ten minutes we lost another player and had to forfeit and borrow players from the other team. Our kids were super disappointed and wanted to soldier on 11 vs 15 to keep ourselves from forfeiting but it became a safety issue. Our defense is getting better and we actually had the majority of possession for the short ten minutes that we were playing 14 vs 15.

UC Santa Cruz plays Humboldt State for what is likely the last of their home games (unless USF manage to scrap together enough girls to play, or at least makes their way down here). The Slugs last match against Humboldt State was a true scrap where they had very little possession but managed to win 20-0 for a hard fought win. Today should be a better match on a much better pitch (the last match was in a muddy park). Go slugs!!! I'm actually attending this one.

UC Berkeley plays Stanford today at Stueber Stadium and this should be the match of the ages. Classic rivals, and a weakened Stanford presents a tempting prey for the Cal Bears and hopefully it'll manifest in a long awaited victory.

Coach Owens of UC Berkeley is also hosting a summer camp for U19/High School players this summer in Berkeley more details to follow.

Alright lets get this party started...I have to gimp around and help set up my favorite pitch in the world. Let's dominate this game slugs!!!