Friday, June 27, 2008


as of tomorrow. Wish me luck.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

Working and looking for a place to live. Packing up my life and preparing for the road ahead (being homeless)! Yup so things are rough, I played touch last Tuesday but missed on Thursday I'm going to skip out again tomorrow. But I've got a bunch of places to check out. I'll probably make it to Palo Alto if we manage to scrounge up enough players...but I don't know how wise it'll be. My hand is STILL screwed up, and so is my cheekbone and my wrist is acting up at work. Ugh. But yea. Passed all my classes with B's aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I guess that's it. Peace

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Ixnay on the first tournament

Because June 28th is Pride! Oh my, I managed to graduate and everything...four long years...heh the whole thing feels anti-climactic after rugby season has ended. Navy is up here chilling with us. I start my job tomorrow. It should be all fitness, I'm really going to push myself to keep up a good pace at work, get some muscle back on these bones, maybe eat a little better. Not much to report, NASC isn't really my thing but MARFU and Northeast have done well. *sigh* Not much rugby news besides's some pictures to kill time.

This one is at Alumni...

This one is a random pic of the fog game

Thursday, June 12, 2008

There's Not a Whole Lot to Say...

Ahaha I'm done with finals and it's finally summer. Sorry I've been mondo busy, NASC stuff is going down so yea....a bit of regret but there's no way I would have had the money to play in it (nor would I have made the team with my fitness level (-50). Heh oh well...not a whole lot of rugby stuff to talk about...*sigh* Wales just got it's ass whupped by South Africa which isn't surprising even considering the lack of top players on both sides. Summer 7s ought to be starting soon. I know my next match will probably be on the 28th in Palo Alto...hopefully we can go to Santa Barbara and Tritip as well, that'd be great. Anyhoo yea more updates once practice starts up again and my room looks less like a disaster area

Monday, June 02, 2008

My face hurts

...and I'm procrastinating. We tied the game against the Fog which is damn good considering we were spread pretty thin and had to get creative in our positions. We showed the same weaknesses that we payed for in New Mexico (slow to the breakdowns, susceptible to stripping + poaching, poor support). *sigh* it was a fun match. I had to switch to prop fairly early in the first half and while Lenny was jumping we had their lineout beat. Jacuzzi went out with a separated shoulder, same ol' Natalie...just a lot of side to side, they had pretty good wings and better soft hands then we're used to playing. It's a shame, hopefully we'll (heh I mean UCSC...I'm alum now) be able to play them at decent strength in pre-season, I'm sure we could give 'em a tougher match. Oh...breakdowns went to hell with both sides killing the ball or conversely interfering with the competition...which made for a messy match.

I caught a fist to the eye (non-intentional), a couple lumps to the head, more damage to my hand, and some tiger stripes... not bad for a match against a club side.

Mmm afterwards it was quite fun talking to some of the Fog women. I got to shoot the shit with ruggers from all over from Chico to Pitzer it was neat. I guess they joined up with SLO last Champagne Classic and we talked about how fun those kids are. One of 'em had played for Belmont under Herb and Kiwis and playing abroad. I talked to them about playing after college and I think I've become attached to my rash decisions (like beating berkeley once at palo alto 7s). Another one of my kind of baseless plans is to move to Berkeley once I graduate spend the rest of the year as a tackle pad for them (just to pick up some stuff) and then maybe look towards moving to Davis. Or maybe I'll like Berkeley....

Gotta say though, this was a wakeup call...I forgot how much different club rugby is compared to DII collegiate rugby...hmm

oh and I can't remember for the life of me how I know their hooker...maybe it was palo alto 7s but I don't know how she'd know my name/recognize me.

Ahhh my last KC was nice. Was pretty cranky when I first arrived but I did have a massive headache from my cheekbone/orbital...but ended up being a nice function. Got a sweet women's springbok backpack in recognition of four long years =]

Gotta say the class of 04-08 kicked ass...we never lost a league game. Nuff bragging...there's so much more to be done in my rugby career! (er...including minor stuff like writing three papers this week so I pass my classes so I can ykno...graduate soon)