Thursday, February 15, 2007

Midweek Update

So still no news from Santa Clara. Which is odd because if we really are playing them on Monday.....well....we kiind of need to prepare. It's been a bit rainy at practice and as a result we've been practicing lines...FOREVER. Argh...there is nothing as frustrating as getting clueless uncoordinated rookies showing up mid-season to throw off whatever sort of gel has been developing all preseason. Gah. I don't mind the athletic ones coming in late who can kinda of catch on....but seriously folks. If you can't chew bubblegum and walk at the same time...maybe you should just wait till next fall to join up. Then we can take three months to teach you how to catch a pass...but right now?! Right now?! Monday was two hours of lines in the rain doing pushups at the end of each line. Doing literally hundreds of pushups, situps, star jumps, and planks because some gits decided to show up (LATE AT THAT) for the third time this month (at least be consistant) to goof off and giggle when they drop EVERY SINGLE PASS EVERY SINGLE TIME. Is frustrating. It makes you doubt the consistency of your own pass, you end up tossing hospital passes just on the off chance they may catch them...

I know I sound like a bitter cocky vet but there are a few things I respect and a few things I don't. I can understand not being able to come out for preseason (you didn't know about it...your schedule etc). BUT, if you are going to come dedicated, show up more then once a week, ON TIME or early if you know that there are some fundamentals you want to work on. If there is something you need to work on...practice it daily ourside of practice. I have godawful lineout I often practice my throws while people are still booting up. I'm also getting a bit peeved over the attitude that is developing that repeatedly missing practice is ok. People were seriously hurt that they didn't start against San Jose after they went missing for two weeks before the game. would think that they would get the point...but no! The same people, skipping three or four practices at a time or half-assing it when they do show up (LATE). They're going to get what they deserved come next Saturday (when we play sac state).

Fuck. Well I'm sorry for the rant. I have a ton of homework to do this weekend. Fighting the fight to stay in school. I'm doing ok in my CMMU class...B ish.....I'm ok in history but I've got a paper coming up...and finally I got a D on my Politics midterm and another one on Tuesday. Meh.

Hopefully people show up on Friday.

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josephking said...

You show those lazy bastards whats WHAT!!!! >O
btw did you ever figure out how to post videos????