Wednesday, February 21, 2007

We need our numbers.

To show up to practice!!! Anyhoo, Chico kept Davis scoreless, as did Cal with Humboldt and Stanford with UNR (more or less?). Sac state did well against St. Mary's and looks to have some nice wings and competitive ruckers. Oh and San Jose smashed Santa Clara 102-5 or something to that degree (granted they were playing 13s). It's kind of depressing that we only have three league games. Or perhaps just how casually my teammates are taking this fact.


I have no expectations for this year.

School is my priority...really...I swear. I'm trying but not to the degree that I want to. Case and point I have less then four hours to write a six page paper on two books I've never read. Hmmmmm. But I'm trying people! And I did decent on my midterm. I just need to spew bullshit and get C's. Wish me luck. Over and out.

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josephking said...

...and trying is half the battle, or something like that. But seriously it's good to hear you say that school is your priority. I'm kinda over school my self, I'm ready to get the hell out! GOOD LUCK KERRIE!!