Monday, October 29, 2007

Well there's some thunder....

looks like NorCal just caught a break and is getting a bit of rain. Hope it continues on down to SoCal.

In other news goff's dII rankings provided some interesting reading material...the comments section was particularly enlightening.

I guess the Midwest TAU sends its 2nd place D1 team off to the DII playoff competition and it has been found to be violating USA rugby competition rules. They're apparently taking steps to change that and according to Goff, Iowa State might well be back in the D1 competition this season.

So lots of stuff to wrap our heads around.

It doesn't really matter, Norwich looks to be a very threatening team, and they held Iowa St. to a point last year in the semis. We only made it as close as a converted who knows how we would have fared against Norwich.

Long story short, yes the midwest system looks like it was violating USA Rugby rules but we lost the game and that should be the end of the story.

One more season and we'll probably be moving up ourselves. I'll be moving on to a club's pretty crazy thinking that just four years ago UCSC had never made it past regional playoffs...our little motley crew is growing up bit by bit. (ps those who've wondered why we haven't moved up in the last two years is because by the time we've finished with the final game the team we have to challenge hasn't practiced for months or has been let out for summer) We've improved the PCRFU system as well and have scheduled our challenge match to before Elite 8s.

This is my last year and my last shot to clench another gold medal. Real life is closing in but I want this picture to haunt me every time I hit the track, lift weights, or pound some poor git into the turf....and make me hit harder!


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