Sunday, April 26, 2009

It's been a long long time

but here's what's up. I got a part time job doing office work/web design/gofer duty for a personal training gym. I just got a full time job doing accounts receivable/stock room stuff at Title IX. I fixed my car. Got a tailored suit for interviews. Had my mom visit. Turned 23. Been practicing with the Blues. Finally updated the Blues roster page. Learned how to publish my web design stuff (ftp servers etc). Skipped the U23 tryout camp because I'm a mere 2 months away from being fully cleared from my injury (which increases my chances of getting accepted for health insurance). Ummm and more...probably.

All 4 or 5 of our girls (unfortunately more couldn't make it) were invited to go to the real tryouts in Oregon. Which is cool news, the camp was pretty cool with lots of fun games.

Um our girls lost their first game weeks back against Washington State, I'll admit I wasn't very focused on the matches so I can't report back too much. Their backline was pretty fierce, fairly fast and very tough they were hardly stopped by our horrible tackling. We (UCSC) won the consolation match against Utah State which probably will help out next year with the seeds and such but it should be mentioned that Utah was playing multiple players down fairly early in the match. Both teams lacked depth, while Santa Cruz has a large squad an unprecedented level of serious injuries scythed down the squad. Sac State won their first match against Utah State in a tight game but weren't playing with the sharpness that they normally have. Against Washington State, Sac's players began to crumble and lacking subs their quality of play degraded further, costing them the match. Um I could report more about what happened in Elite 8s blah blah blah but I don't feel like it right now.

Here's a cool clip:

Um more rugby to come.

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