Saturday, March 01, 2008

Sac State Women's Rugby vs UCSC **EDIT**

We won it 12-7 in an in-cre-dibly close match. More details later but other big news. Apparently UC Davis beat Stanford 10-0. YEA....jeez talk about big news especially since the aggies seemed to be struggling a bit this season (with a 1 point victory over Humboldt) **edit** Actually they were in second place **edit** but shit...way to know down one of the top teams in the nation. More details later, but yea my old bones need to take a rest!

pps. so I guess there is a lot more to this story. Stanford had a couple starting players off at a U20 eagle camp and their Sr. capped Eagle flyhalf Jossy Tseng sat on the bench because she was late to the teams warm-ups.

A) that's a pretty cool show of integrity on Stanford's part, (as well as the diff between D1 and D2...hell we couldn't spare the players)

B) Stanford is still on top of the Norcal D1 charts due to point differential

C) a weee bit cocky on Stanford's part.

Yup ok that's it, now I have to finish my five page film paper today, go to practice, try and read a 500 page book (in a day), write a 20 pg paper by sunday, play in a game, read five novels in two-three days, may or may not have promotion/relegation match, may or may not go to pelicans camp, write five pages, read a few hundred pages, write two pages, read a couple thousand pages and catch up on a months worth of work, take two DEATH final exams...and fin. The next fifteen days are going to be....H E L L!!

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