Thursday, March 20, 2008

Finished finals...I'm exhausted

I think my mental toughness has been upped by leaps and bounds. I've been going nonstop for literally a full week (like 22 hour days). I can't believe the sheer amount of shit that I've accomplished. Now that the quarter is over for me I can relax with the massive amount of shit that's been accumulating.
I need to get back in shape for regionals (I've been running on coca cola and burritos for the last seven very sedentary days)

oh and sleep.

hmmm....oh Univ San Francisco joined our league so we'll technically have six teams in our league now if Monterey and San Jose muster up the numbers. Which is awesome but I'll be a slug alumni by then.

Er...the top 20 ranking was finally updated but I don't really care cause we haven't moved.

That's enough rugby news for now right? Er Belmont Shore did pretty damn good at the Champagne Classic. That's about it. It's 9 o'clock and I'm to tired to even drink a beer.

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