Monday, February 26, 2007

Lots of rugby to talk about.

So I've been putting off this post for a while. As I kinda blogged was a tough week. Lots of papers, midterms, illness. IE a shitty week to have one of our toughest games. I turned in my paper on time(kinda), my midterm went well, and I'm still hawking up a lung. But this weekend? Was awesome!

Ok so I'm lazy. I'll talk about the game in depth later today but I've got practice in twenty minutes so I should speed this up. We beat 'em 31-7....which is great but we let them score in the last minute of the match which is disappointing. I scored another try (yep that's three folks) and it wasn't an impressive one, but it was the first of the match. So I scored one at loosehead, my 8 scored, our wing, someone else, and our fullback touched down two beauts.

Also Chico beat Stanford 25-5! Holy Shit! Not saying that Chico didn't have it in 'em to beat Stanford...but by twenty points?! Yea I know Goff is covering this story but I just wanted to make that exclamation in case people missed it. Not saying that Stanford can't come back and defend it's D1 National Champ title...but it looks like their Pacific Coast League ranking is going to drop to two. More on this later. Er did I mention we're playing Chico's b-side this Wednesday, as in two days from now!? Gah. I still can't move my neck or my quads.

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Lee said...

Hey, sorry if this is a bit stalker-ish but I saw your comment on Saturday's a Rugby Day and followed it to your blog. It's nice to see that other people are blogging about NorCal women's rugby. Oh, and my first time playing scrumhalf was in SD this year and I'm pretty sure you squished me coming off a lineout.